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On a visit to Munchausen!

Munchausen's Museum is the most unique museum in Europe, about the most noble person in the world. The museum is located just at a distance of a cannon shot from Riga (about 55 km) - in Dunte. It is a very special place. Here the forest meets the sea, in the winter the horses are tied to the tower spires and one shot kills ten ducks that immediately right through the pipe, fall onto the pan. The museum consists of a house and manor of Dunte in which Munchausen spent the best years of his life with his wife Jacobine. A place where you can meet a lot of interesting items, and we will be able to see a pottery workshop and see the process of making various household items.

Next, we will arrive into a sunny capital of the Latvian seaside- Saulkrasti - a coastal town, where the residents of Latvialike to relax. There is lunch with tasting of fish in one of the city’s cafes. We will definitely climb the White SandDune, which is one of the most beautiful coastal dunes in Latvia with an equally beautiful view of the Vidzeme seaside. For these purposes, there is developed a special observation deck, where you can relax. From the White Dune along the coast there is made a pedestrian Sunset Trail of 3.6 km in length. The White Sand Dune is overlooking the mouth of the river Inchupe. Near the White Dune thereare lindens of Catherine. The legend says that the lindens were planted by the Russian Empress Catherine II, when during herjourney she stayed for some rest in Pabazhi (Neibade) and even bathed in the sea here.


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