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Secret Files of Ligatne

Paper-mill of the 19th century, and a top secret object of the Soviet era, codenamed "Pension" Ligatne originated in the 19th century as a settlement near the paper mill. The factory began to operate on the River Ligatne in 1816 and has been working to this day without interruptions. In the days of Tsarist Russia the paper produced at the paper mill in Ligatne, was famous for the highest quality. In 1896 the factory was honoured to put the national emblem on their products. Ligatne is one of the most beautiful places of

nature in the Gauja National park. This place looks so spectacular due to outcrops of sandstone cliffs on the banks of rivers Ligatne and Gauja. Ligatne is the richest in caves place in Latvia.

During the tour, at the Paper Mill the guide demonstrates the visitor the entire production process - as waste paper is recycled into finished paper. In the rehabilitation centre at the depth of nine meters there is a well-maintained underground bunker with the area of over 2,000 square meters, which secrecy was declassified only in 2003. One of the most strategically important places in the Soviet Latvia in the event of nuclear war. The most powerful autonomous economic structure with all the necessary modern for that period equipment. There has still survived all the original underground equipment


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