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Vehicles from the past

We invite you to visit the Museums of Vehicles in Riga. In Riga Museum of retro cars there are collected artefacts from different parts of the world, preserved in a single copy. Really unique exhibits - such as the car of Molotov, limousine of Brezhnev or a German mountain racing car manufactured in 1938.

The Exhibition Hall is located on three levels. There is a permanent exhibition of vintage cars, motorcycles and bicycles, which reflects the history of technical development in Latvia and in the world. In the museum there are stored exhibits, there is operating a workshop for the restoration of vintage cars, and there is offered a wide range of souvenirs. After the Museum of Vintage Cars, we shall look at the Museum of the History of the Latvian Railway.

The museum is located on the left bank of the Daugava River, near the new National Library building "Castle of Light" and resides in the locomotive shops of the 19th century. The collection of the railroad fund is of high value. It includes photos, photo negatives and postcards with images of train stations, engineering structures and sketches from the life of railroad workers and special events. There is also demonstrated the station operating equipment and the collections of uniforms and distinguishing badges, as well as a variety of technical components and devices. Outside of the main premises there is demonstrated the rolling stock once operating in Latvia. In addition to the museum's permanent exhibition, there are held different events and exhibitions.


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