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Wooden Riga and its inhabitants.

For your attention we offer a bus tour to one of the ancient parts of the city, where the centre "Wooden Riga" is located, with a unique heritage of wooden architecture. During the tour you will learn about the life of city inhabitants at the turn of 19th -20th centuries, during the First Latvian Republic, and the Soviet period, you will get familiar with the features of the architecture of this period. Afterwards you will see Riga’s Moscow Suburb – the oldest suburb of Riga. Very diverse historic district, where beautifully renovated houses operate side by side with the newly constructed buildings and vacant, abandoned houses. A remarkable abundance, both in the old and modern times, of churches of different denominations, as well as higher education institutions. Also, we will walk through the streets, where there was made the film of the Riga’s Film Studio "The Republic of the Crow Street," where famous Latvian writers lived and where with a lot of love they are trying to preserve the unique charm of the old working-class suburbs.


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