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In search of animals

Many people know that the symbol of Riga is the Black Cat and Cat's house. But is not known to manythat on the streets of our old town there are hiding many other animals.

During an1.5-hour tour you will see not only the main character – the cat, but also a dog, watching her, and the Bremen Town Musicians, and a squirrel, and a cow, and other animals, learn how birds helped the Powder Tower, and, of course, hear many legends associated with the appearing of various animals on the streets of Riga.
After that, we suggest you go on a small chocolate journey. A master of chocolate making will tell about the sorts and history, as well as about various methods in the preparation of chocolate.
You will also see a demonstration of preparing a chocolate figure. While the chocolate figure in the fridge will take the desired shape and texture, guests will be served hot chocolate.


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